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Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition

Introducing the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition: the best full-text Bible for children, designed with children.


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ISBN: 9780564082476

Author: ΢ĸ and RE:QUEST

Dimensions: 120 x 185mm

Format: Hardback

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The brand new Good News Bible (GNB) – Children’s Rainbow Edition is a fantastic first full-text Bible for a child. Created in partnership with , the GNB Children's Rainbow Edition was developed using ideas and feedback from parents, teachers and children to ensure it provides a brilliant Bible-reading experience.

Adopting an educational tone, it is perfect for use in schools and churches, while the colourful interactions and beautiful illustrations will keep a child engaged as they delve into the text.

Download your sampler of the new Good News Bible – Children's Rainbow Edition

We believe that this is the best full-text Bible for Children. Here's why:


  • Two-colour throughout – helping to break up the text, highlight key information and improve the visual appeal
  • Sixteen beautiful new colour illustrations, chosen by children
  • Key words list, helping to unpack and provide context for some of the main theological concepts found in the Bible
  • Highlighted reading trail that takes the reader through the overarching story of the Bible
  • Full-page introductions to each book of the Bible
  • Thirty-six pages of new helps, including information on Christian festivals, explanations of the three persons of the Trinity, and a list of ‘Emotions in the Bible’


'Accessible, informative, beautifully illustrated, but, most of all, fun. It's a Bible that will help your child understand and grow to love God’s big story!’

Bob Hartman – Children’s author and storyteller

‘This version of the Bible is like having a well-informed, fun friend helping you understand how it all fits together and pointing out bits to enjoy or wonder about. The illustrations are simply gorgeous, while the design and layout invite you to explore further.’ 

Lucy Moore – Head of Growing Faith Foundation, Church of England

'It's so important that children can understand the big picture of the Bible and see how it relates to their lives. The reading trails, facts, and questions are great tools and prompts to help families do this.'

Anna Hawken - Parenting for Faith Ministry Lead

‘What an exciting new edition of the bible this is! This brand new edition of the Good News Bible is a superb way for children to encounter God’s word and explore it for themselves. With lots of accessible information and features it’s a real pleasure to turn the pages. And best of all children have been involved in creating it. Children, their families and churches are going to really enjoy diving in!’

Gail Adcock - Children & Youth Officer Methodist Church and author of The Essential Guide to Family Ministry.

'The Children’s Rainbow Edition of the Good News Bible is a wonderful Bible for the 7-11 age group and for schools to share. It is written in way that will attract young readers curiosity to discover more about the Bible and the Biblical characters. The layout makes this Bible so accessible with engaging and clear language that brings the Bible to life, which is enhanced through beautiful illustrations, where the reader is pointed to where to find the story in the Bible. I like the way it tells the ‘Big Story’ of the Bible through a reading trail, with the key words defined and clear explanations, which is enhanced though lots of questions and activities for every book of the Bible. This Bible will bring joy to many who

read it, especially 7-11 year olds, and will help deepen their understanding and help to answer the thought provoking questions that arise from exploring and reading the Bible. I recommend the Children’s Rainbow Edition of the Good News Bible as so much time and thought has been put into developing it and tailoring it for 7-11 year olds. It is a Bible that is much needed.'

John Meredith - Director of Education for the diocese of Brecon and Swansea

‘This is the Bible that teachers have been looking for! Filled with vocabulary and supporting knowledge, this new edition of the Rainbow Bible will be indispensable in the teaching of RE. Notes explain biblical terms and the linking to other sections of the Bible is an inspired idea in aiding children to connect the stories. This will be our new go-to Bible in school.’

Matthew Lane - Primary RE lead

‘This new edition of the Rainbow Good News Bible is an excellent resource for schools. Invitational and inclusive, it prompts children to explore the Big Story of the Bible with easy to understand explanations of context and language. It poses key questions linked to the biblical narrative and encourages the reader to engage in active and creative responses, making it an ideal resource to support teaching in Religious Education or for children to use when planning and leading Collective Worship.’

Andrew Smith, Director of Education for the Diocese of York

'The new Rainbow Good News Bible is a lovely edition of the Christian scriptures very well suited to the needs of 7-11 year olds in church, school or family. It’s very child friendly and full of helpful and supportive extras.'

Lat Blaylock, RE Advisor



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