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Support and Prayer for Open the Book

You can support the work of Open the Book in a number of ways. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be helping us to achieve our vision of sharing the Bible through the power of storytelling. 

By praying ...

Open the Book Storyteller Prayer Tree

We would like to support all Storytellers in prayer.

Add a prayer to our Prayer Tree

Prayer is the power that underpins all Open the Book's work. We encourage all teams to find their own prayer supporter who can pray specifically for the team as they go into their local school every week. Coming along to meetings and being in touch by email or phone are significant ways to give support to the Storytellers and the school.

Prayer is a valuable way that those who are unable to go into school can help those who can. If you’d like to know what to pray for, here are some ideas: 

  • Pray for the faithful Storytellers who have clocked up many years of service, that they have health and strength to continue
  • Pray for those who have just caught the vision of Open the Book and are working to encourage churches to get involved, that individuals will have open hearts and minds
  • Pray for those who have inspired many hundreds of Storytellers in their area and work to nurture and support them, that they will be constantly refreshed to continue
  • Pray for nervous or new Storytellers who are a little daunted at facing children en masse, that their confidence may grow – quickly!
  • Pray for all the colleagues at ΢ĸ who support the work, that they may be continually encouraged
  • Pray for your local school. We have partnered with Pray for Schools to ‘make every school a prayed-for school’.

By donating ...

There are different ways to support us as we encourage more volunteer Storytellers and churches to form teams around England and Wales.

Make an online donation

By leaving a legacy ...

Have you ever thought that children in schools might be missing out on what the Bible has to show them? They could go through their entire school life without ever learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Jonah, or even the life of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament.

Through Open the Book, we have a wonderful opportunity to bring the Bible to children in school so they have a new understanding and appreciation of it. Our vision is to share Bible stories with children everywhere, through the power of storytelling. That means being invited into all 18,280 primary schools in England and Wales – and reaching all 4.5 million pupils.

Gifts in wills play a vital role in helping to achieve this vision. With your support, we can bless the next generation and ensure that they do not lose the wisdom, history and revelation of the Bible.

It is thanks to the incredible generosity and Christian legacies of the past that we have the Bible. Through a gift in your will to Open the Book you can continue to play your part in this work, building God’s kingdom on earth even after your own earthly life is over. Your legacy can impact succeeding generations and will bring joy to thousands of children as they learn the Bible’s message.

Please, prayerfully consider remembering Open the Book next time you make or update your will.

Download our legacy leaflet.

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